About NMX Global Software

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, our software engineering organization has been developing products for nearly 15 years. We were pioneers in developing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, introducing our first SaaS solution to the market in 2001. Continuously and throughout our history we have leveraged offshore engineering talent, providing us with exceptional engineering skills and cost advantage. We are highly skilled at managing multi-site, global SW projects, as our leadership team has overseen development at locations throughout the world, including Silicon Valley, Armenia, China, India, Micronesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ukraine and Zambia.

Our US and offshore engineering teams include exceptionally experienced software developers, QA engineers, test and development framework specialists, mathematicians and algorithm specialists, database architects and administrators, operations specialists, and UI experts.

What Makes Us Different from Other Software Development Service Firms?

Unlike most software engineering service firms, we have been working together as a team for a long time. Until recently, we were the internal engineering organization of Numetrics Management Systems, Inc., a Silicon Valley software supplier acquired in 2013. We specialized in developing enterprise-level analytics applications, including advanced predictive tools, delivered via SaaS. Since then, our engineering organization spun out of Numetrics to form an independent software engineering services firm, NMX Global Software, Inc., under the leadership of Ron Collett, who previously held the position of CEO at Numetrics.

Working together for such a long time enabled our engineering organization to steadily hone its processes and institutionalize best practices, resulting in a culture highly tuned to efficient development of production-quality software. When we were part of Numetrics, we operated as a nimble, Silicon Valley start-up, because that’s what we were. Becoming a successful start-up demanded constant focus on efficiency, productivity and quality, and at NMX Global Software, those characteristics persist today. They are part of our “DNA.” Operating now as an independent software engineering services firm, we bring this experience to our clients’ projects.

During its history, Numetrics delivered multiple generations of its production analytics software platform and patented predictive analytics models. The SaaS-based platform and models were applied to over 5,000 semiconductor IC and embedded software projects at leading companies, including Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments, NEC, Panasonic, Phillips, NXP, Infineon, Cisco, Marvell, ST Microelectronics, Freescale, Sony and many others. For further background on products our engineering organization developed, please see: