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Scalable Web Applications

Scalable web applications require multi-platform, multi-version browser support, mobile browser support and Responsive Web UX. They also require well-structured content management systems; localization; user identity and authentication systems; integration of social networking features (both user identity and leveraging of the user’s social network); and they invariably need to support a variety of transaction types.

Applications serving a large global audience 24x7x365 require signification operations considerations built into their core design. Geographic distribution of load; failover methods; client/server state management; continuous integration, testing, and delivery; different approaches to server build-automation, server commissioning and server virtualization are just a few of the important factors. Such applications are frequently required to comply with regulatory directives related to security, privacy, logging, anonymity of data, geographic binding of regulated data, as well as data center operations involving network and physical attack surfaces and disaster recovery.

Enterprise Java and Frameworks

NMX has more than 14 years of experience building enterprise applications using Java with common application servers such as Weblogic, Enterprise Tomcat, JBoss and common frameworks such as Struts, Spring, Hibernate, DAO, JDBC, Servlets, Pushlets, and RIA tools like Flex, JSP, EXTJS, etc.


Analytics is a part of the Big Data discipline but requires special skills orthogonal to Big Data infrastructure skills. Our analytics team focuses on design and/or implementation of the advanced mathematics and algorithms derived from complex datasets. NMX has extensive experience using large, historical datasets to drive the development of predictive analytics, including the development of complex mathematical models and approaches to derive underlying factors. We have vast experience with third-party applications such as Mathematica. We also have broad experience in data visualization applications that complement analytics applications.

Data Modeling

Big Data, analytics, fault immunity and performance all require careful consideration during the data modeling phase of development. Technologies such as XML, Hadoop, NoSQL, and even SQL cannot solve problems if the underlying data models are poorly designed. NMX engineers understand the requirements of analytic processes and share their insights with the engineers building logical and physical data models. This type of specialized expertise is needed during the early phases of a project and again at various inflection points during development and long term operations. The NMX approach of providing engineering resources on demand is ideal for projects involving complex data.

Cloud Frameworks and Virtualization

Cloud hosting is an important capability that can deeply affect solution design. Various forms of lightweight and heavyweight virtualization are also a significant design factor in today’s systems. Most new initiatives will use at least one of these architectural features. We have been delivering virtualized and hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for more than 14 years and apply these skills every day for our clients.

Security by Design

Security of data, infrastructure and privacy are complex fields involving regulatory/policy issues, advanced technical design and execution/operations issues. For new projects, implementing security features during the design process is far more effective than attempting to incorporate them downstream in the development process. Most compliance/certification regimes mandate such an approach.

NMX has significant experience with web application security vulnerabilities, as well as an advanced understanding of regulated applications, such as almost anything involving health care data. Substantial amounts of code we develop, including enterprise applications comprising several thousand Java classes and hundreds of thousands of lines of code, undergoes rigorous vulnerability/penetration testing by independent, globally recognized, security firms specializing in the field. All software we develop follows a security-by-design approach, and we regularly assist our clients in security design, engineering, compliance audits and certifications.

Testing and Quality Assurance

To achieve quality and continuous delivery goals, most of today’s software projects require automated testing. We use advanced test tools such as Selenium and make automated testing a part of nearly every project we work on. We provide dedicated test teams possessing many years of experience, as well as service/support for projects and code that our clients originate.

Internet of Things

The field of device-embedded software is expanding as an increasing number of devices interact with peers and services in the cloud. NMX understands the challenges of developing embedded software, including software on laboratory prototype devices that are so few in number that units cannot be shipped to a remote development site. We use simulators, remote access, and other techniques to ensure that remote engineers contribute productively to any project. The Internet of Things requires inter-disciplinary development involving mobile devices and networks, embedded systems, web UI and API/protocols, and Big Data.


Organizations must track information about people and clients who might support their programs and services. Data management is critical task.

Managing data as a resource is an important managerial task for organization in current world. Now a days business success is not only depends on possession of resources, but mainly on efficient utilization of resources, data and information as a strategic part of an enterprise.

In the challenging competitive business market. Our DBMS solutions put companies ahead to achieve their goals and help them to ensure great results. We are focused on building smart tailored DBMS solutions integrated with customers’ requirements.

User Interface / User Experience Design

Great user interface design demands a perfect balance of amazing looks, interactivity, ease of use and simple navigation. It sounds simple, but as we all know, it’s not.

For us, UI/UX isn’t just the visual components of your application or website. It’s a creative approach to problems in which we apply a balanced mix of practicality, usability, vision and beauty to make your product not only useful but uniquely inspirational.

Our deep insights into what makes a great user experience ensures that when your customer uses your product or service the technology gets out of the way and the user enjoys a truly great experience.